10 Smartboard Questions Answered


A smartboard is an interactive whiteboard which has a large touch-screen display. It is made by SMART Technologies and it is often used by teachers when presenting lessons to their students or when controlling annotates and computer over software programs using digital ink. There are very many questions which are usually asked by people about these smartboards and below are 10 smartboard questions answered.

1. Do smartboards come with software?

Award winning smart-notebook software is included and it allows you to edit and write notes, include still or moving video, record audio and data, control computer applications and write in digital ink.

2. Can a computer be used with a smartboard?

The smart notebook software that comes with the smartboard is required for the smartboard interactive whiteboard to run. You can also use it on a computer with running windows 98 or Mac-OS 8.5 operating system using USB connection or available serial number.

3. Which computer applications will be used?

Typically, any application that you can install and use on your laptop or computer will still work on your smartboard. Some of the commonly used applications include AutoCAD, Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. You can even save notes on files, activate tools or change handwriting to text depending on the application.

4. Can the smartboard be used with a floor-stand?

SMART Technologies offers a mobile-floor stand when necessary. You will only need to work with your supplier if you need one.

5. Is the screen surface of the smartboard durable?

Definitely, the screen is extremely durable. It has a polyester front and resilient hard-coated sheet which is secured with robust aluminum-composite background. Moreover, the surface is easily cleaned, optimized for projection, tear proof and compatible with dry-erase-markers.

6. How is disinfection of smartboard carried out?

This is very simple your smartboard comes with clear cleaning instructions on the user’s guide which is sufficient to handle regular cleaning requirements.

7. Are the stored notes visible to someone without smartboard?

You can make them visible by sharing notes with individuals who don’t have access to smart-notebook software. For instance, you can use notebook interactive viewer.

8. How do one right-clicks without a mouse?

You can right-click by simply pressing the right mouse button on your smart pen-tray twice.

9. Is there any product training?

SMART Technologies offers various training services and materials free of charge to allow users to get the best form their SMART products.

10. What are the major components of a smartboard?
It has two main components which are the smart pen tray and the smartboard itself.

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