5 Cool Features Of Fluidmath On Your Smartboard


Fluidmath is the first mathematics learning and teaching tool for Pen-Centric platforms users including smartboards such as Interactive whiteboards and Tablets PCs. It is educational software that has won many awards and it enables students and teachers to animate, graph, solve and create physics and math problems in their own hand-writing on their smart-boards. Below are 5 cool features of fluidmath on your smartboard.

1. Enhanced teaching

It will help your students to visualize about the important mathematics topics and try to make connections between them. You can use this software easily to show students multiple representations at once. You can easily look at algebraic representation of a given function, its graphical and numerical representation. Generally, this software improves the understanding level of your students by allowing them to experiment a function using various parameters and seeing their dynamic changes immediately.

2. Quality pen-centric user interface

The software has many capabilities which are accessed easily and quickly through simple drawn structures and natural handwriting. This makes it easy to put down questions of all the supported units such as calculus, pre-calculus, pre-algebra and algebra I and II. It also has minimal support for statistics as it
can import data, recognize sigma notation and support insertion of a function into the data.

3. Accuracy

The software has an accurate recognition of the handwritten math expressions. It also gives out an accurate graphing by using Cartesian, polar, parametric and sequence plots. Mastering fluidmath requires about thirty minutes of practice in the most common tasks such as graphing, editing and writing math. At
times, mistakes do happen but there is a scribble erase that makes it easy and fast to fix mistakes.

4. Animation

This is among the most interesting features of the Fluidmath software. This feature links drawings and math expressions to make mathematics lively. Animation allows computer algebra system to solve systems of functions, factor, approximate and simplify expressions to give graphed views of table expressions and the
vice versa.

5. Notebook capability

Fluidmath uses smart-boards to organize many pages of information into a form suitable for easy learning. This capability can also graph and import excels datasets or export typeset math expressions using images, latex and MathML to word processors. Moreover, notebook capability allows the software to work on
interactive whiteboards even though it works best with high-sampling rates of markings. Smart-boards and tablet PCs provide more than hundred samples per second which results in a high quality math-notation experience.

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