5 Skills for Making Use of Smart Board


The smart board requires you to have certain skills for making it function in a proper manner. You should acquire all the 5 basic skills so that you can easily make use of the smart board without any hassles.

Smart Ink

Smart ink is something that allows you for writing over any kind of window. When you have opened the website or you are surfing through the maps in Google Earth or even if you are doing anything over internet, you can make use of the smart ink. Smart Ink tab can be made available on the top most right corner of the window. You c can either make the ink turned on or off as per your need. There is possibility for you to change the colour of the pen and also the thickness so that you can draw with it in anything that you need. The annotations that you have made can be captured by clicking on the camera option available on the tab. The screen capture can be inserted automatically inserted to the file in the Smart board.

Smart Ink – Document Viewer

This is something that you can use for writing or drawing over the PDF files. This is the kind of software that allows you for annotating PDF and the annotations can be scrolled within the document. The files can be saved and printed along with the ink that you have used on the file.

Floating Tools

Floating tools can be made used for accessing the tools of an smart board when you are not in the software of smart board. Floating toolbar can be found on left side of smart board. For the purpose of moving the tools, you need to pres the double arrows and then the dotted square can be sided across the board.From the middle point of screen, tool bar can be flips to face closest side associated with the smart board. Double arrows can dock toolbars towards the closest side associated with the smart board. In the case of hiding the floating tools, the icon of the smart board can be clicked at right corner available in the lower part of the board. You can choose the tools for hide floating from the menu.

Notebook Toolbar

The toolbar can be separated into two things that include tools as well as actions. The possible actions are the ones that include the view options like the full screen, the transparent background and also the page options like clear link and reset page. Tools comprises of different tools that can be made used for adding contents to the page of the smart board. This includes lines, pens, shapes and many things. The properties associated with each of the tool pop up for the purpose of customization in an easier manner.

Adding Text and Notes

There are many methods available for adding content to the page of the notebook. You need to get pick pen and also can start writing with it. You can make use of ability for resizing, rotating and also for recognizing the handwriting.

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