5 Tools to Keep Building Your SMART Board Skills


Although the SMART Board might seem like something that is easy to use, and it relatively is, there are still some skills that one would need to learn if he or she is interested in making the most of the SMART board.

One of the fine skills that a person need to develop in order to make the most of the SMART Board is the ability to use the page recorder. When using a SMART board, you would be able to find the page recorder under the Properties tab. In most cases, the recording actually starts once you start writing on the board. An icon would also appear allowing you to stop the recording session. When you have stopped the recording, you would be able to review the video that you have just made. You can also delete the recording if it is not to your liking.

As a SMART board user, you also need to be familiar with the different uses of the magic pen. For example, you can use the magic pen in order to write using an invisible ink. Keep in mind that the writing will only become invisible after 5 seconds. You can also make use of it in order to magnify as well as highlight certain regions of the your material.

Aside from being able to record all that is happening on your SMART board, you can actually also record everything that is taking place in your computer. What’s more, you can actually even record a voice-over detailing what is currently happening in the computer. You can access this functionality by clicking on the SMART board icon and heading to the “Recorder” button. As soon as you hit the “Stop” button, the application would ask you if you would like to save your work. That being the case, you need not worry about not being able to save what you have worked so hard for.

The SMART board also allows you to play any video already existing in your computer. If, during the playback, you pick up the pen, the video would automatically stop. You can then do a screenshot or write notes about the video. You have control of how big the notes would be and how thick the fonts are going to be. From this section, you can choose to have the video play only once or go on a continuous loop.

Lastly, SMART board also comes with a pin as well as dual page. Simply put, this two functions allow you to pin an important note so that it floats on your active area all the time. On the other hand, dual page allows you to open up two pages simultaneously with both pages visible on your active area. When you are in dual page, you can also pin one of the pages into a certain area while the other side can still be scrolled. Once you are through reviewing both pages, you just need to disable the dual page. The control for this can be seen alongside other icons that can be found at the toolbar.

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