7 Of The Best Advanced Interactive White Board Tips


If you are an experience interactive whiteboard user and would like to take your experience to the next level, there are advanced projects, which use innovative web 2.0 tools in combination with your interactive whiteboard software, to guarantee exciting lessons in your classroom. With technology at your fingertips, the sky is the limit. Where will you go next with your IWB?

Below are a few tips to get your imagination started:

1. Interact with other classrooms.
Hook a webcam to the whiteboard and, using Skype, connect your students with ideas and input from new friends, where anything can be studied and discussed.

2. Dissect frogs without actually handling them.

V-Frog from Tactus Technologies allows dissection of a frog without touching the specimen. Students can dissect, pause and annotate images, while appropriate notes explain the process.

3. Use Webquest to explore a subject, for example history, then allow students to create their own web quests using digital tools and video to present to the rest of the class or even to the entire school.

4. Take an on-line field trip by choosing a museum, or group of museums, assigned to groups of students, to explore subjects and create their own presentations.

5. Use Google Earth for students to explore the geography of locations anywhere on the planet. Zoom in on areas of interest and invite interactive discussions and debates.

6. Encourage students to create their own movies with the use of Xtranormal or Animoto, an app that helps students create extraordinary book reports, as they can turn photographs and videos into movies.

7. With Jeopardylabs, studying for exams becomes fun and games. Use ready made templates from Jeopardy Labs, or create your own unique ones, to play the game of jeopardy while reviewing lessons and preparing for exams.

Maximize your return on instruction in the classroom by making the best use of your interactive whiteboard. An Interactive Whiteboards acts as a catalyst to bring learning to life in the classroom by engaging, motivating and inspiring students to new heights of learning. The results at the end of the year will speak for themselves when students have had the advantage of an interactive whiteboard in their classroom environment.

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