Choosing an Interactive Whiteboard or Projector

“An Interactive Whiteboard is a dry-erase whiteboard writing surface which can capture writing electronically. Interactive whiteboards require a computer. Some interactive whiteboards also allow interaction with a projected computer image. They are most commonly used in the office or classroom.

Interactive whiteboards are used in one of two ways:

  1. To capture notes written on the whiteboard surface using dry-erase ink or
  2. To control (click and drag) and/or mark-up (annotate) a computer-generated image projected on the whiteboard surface from a digital projector. “

Choose a ‘universal’ whiteboard. They work best when they can be used as an interactive board, dry-erase marker board and one with multiple configuration options to meet your range of needs. Regardless of training, experience or subject area, almost anyone can operate an interactive whiteboards with very little training. Teamboards also offer adjustability, quality materials, great board management software and exceptional projectors.