The Interactive And Smart Whiteboard Revolution


Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to save or print the ides that get generated on your blackboard or whiteboard? Well, plenty of people have thought of that since old-fashioned blackboards with chalk were first invented. Of course, now you can purchase actual interactive whiteboards that can save your ideas and so much more.

Learn More About The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution

These dynamic boards can fully integrate with common software, so you can develop dynamic presentations, training guides, or lesson plans. That means they can increase productivity in business situations and increase learning in schools. Yet, they are still as simple and intuitive to use as a common chalk board. The only thing that you will miss is all of the chalk dust!

Integrate them with your computer. Many of these boards will function with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. You can use the same software, like PowerPoint or Word, that you would commonly find running on PCs or tablets. Many of the newer boards even come loaded with their own software, so developing interactive projects has never been easier.

They are also have speakers, so your presentations and lessons can even include sound. This can truly engage more senses, and it can keep your business associates or students tuned in to the material that you want to present.

These boards come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you are bound to find the right one for your budget and room. Some have wireless Internet connectivity, or you can add this with an additional upgrade.

Some boards use a special tough pen, but others can be used with finger touch or almost any pointer. This makes them useful for a variety of different people and situations that you might encounter.

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