The IPEVO Whiteboard App – For Teachers who are Passionate About Teaching


It doesn’t seem too long ago when we used to joke that one day we would have one simple technical device that would cater for all of our needs. Perhaps we never even dreamed of anticipating a small device that could even transform itself into a wireless whiteboard when we needed it!

Indeed the IPEVO Whiteboard App performs this little miracle simply, efficiently and impressively.

The Drawing Features

Tools for drawing and text include shapes, lines and highlighting, as well as many others. Re-do and un-do tools are readily available as well as clear all and a pointing device.

Multiple Whiteboard Feature

An excellent feature of the IPEVO Whiteboard App is the user-friendly way that multiple whiteboards can be created. During one short session the user can easily switch between created whiteboards, an excellent tool when used in the classroom.

Camera Magic

The IPEVO Whiteboard App works a treat in livening up any classroom lesson or activity. The user can add text, images and edit a live image, making the uses of this app endless.

What are current users of IPEVO Whiteboard App saying about the software?

One of the best ways to understand what an app can do and whether it really will fit your needs, is to hear feedback from current users.

Below are just a few comments from people that are using the IPEVO Whiteboard App now:

‘worked very well …. our students love it … we’ll be buying more’

‘this beauty is a beast!’

‘My students absolutely love it’

‘customer service … were great at answering my questions and concerns’

All in all the IPEBO Whiteboard comes as a great tool for any teacher, as well as simply for personal use. Downloading the IPEVO Whiteboard App today gives you the following:

– A simple, user friendly tool to make classes fun, modern and varied.

– Great tools such as a pointer, shapes, lines and boxes for text.

– The fun and attention-holding technique to draw and edit real time images from the camera.

– The perfect solution for every teacher to ensure students are engaged whilst learning.

If you feel you could benefit from the above features then be sure to download this app today and start seeing the great benefits for yourself.

The IPEVO Whiteboard App – for teachers who are passionate about teaching.

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