Ways to use Interactive Whiteboards


Whiteboards and their uses in the classroom have become increasingly popular over the years. This board is a display used for a projector or computer connection. The projector uses the desktop of a computer and shines it onto the whiteboard. The teacher then uses a pen, finger or device to control the computer.

The whiteboard is usually mounted against a wall and other accessories allow for students to interact with response systems. In recent studies done on a group of trial learners it came up that the learners who were taught with the use of interactive whiteboards gained a 16% improvement on their results. This could mean that your average learner that usually scores a 50% pass rate could improve to a 66% mark.

Other features that showed a marked improvement in learners grades included the hand-held device used for voting. The use of information in the form of visuals and graphics added to a marked improvement for learners to learn in a more effective way.

The visuals use video clips and downloaded pictures used from Internet sites. Another effective feature is known as whiteboard reinforce. This method allows a teacher to use a type of signal for the right answer. The technique allows for a drag and drop method that allows for the correct answer to be displayed. The right answer can come with an optional virtual applause to further encourage the learners.

The whiteboards for interactive learning hold a great value in enhancing pedagogical practices used within the classroom. The whiteboard should be used with caution and only as a tool to enhance teaching methods instead of replacing traditional teaching methods. Other classroom practices that have been proven to teach learners on older types of methods can be used in conjunction with this effective tool.

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