What Is The AegeanBoard App?


AegeanBoard was a classroom-style teaching tool that allowed mobile users to work together, asking questions of other users and sharing answers in a friendly, collaborative environment. AegeanBoard offered both audio and text sharing, and users could type their questions or share hand-drawn notes.

Users could share content almost instantly with the rest of their group, and there was a Q7A history feature that would allow people to look back at previous questions and answers. The software also featured audio recording and playback features as well as the option to delete unwanted content. The goal of the software was to provide a classroom-like collaboration experience, and there were many features added to facilitate this, including a push notification service that would ensure that users never missed a message, even if they were not running the software at the time.

Aegeanboard was released for iOS, but it is no longer available on the App Store. The software should still work for people who have already got it installed, but it is no longer available to download. This is unfortunate, because it was one of the only high quality free applications of its type. There are some alternatives to AegeanBoard, although some, such as the EduKidsRoom, are quite clearly targeted at a much younger audience than AegeanBoard.

One of the things that made AegeanBoard so popular was its ease of use. The software was fast, flexible and very easy to set up. Using it was just a matter of installing it via the app store then connecting with your friends, colleagues or classmates. Rival groupware and collaboration suites offered by other companies are frequently much more complicated, since they are designed to be multi-platform and to accommodate a wider range of users who may want to do much more than just ask questions and share answers.

Unfortunately, until a contender for the AegeanBoard throne surfaces, the only real option that educators have is to make use of the more complex groupware suites that are out there. These suites may be overkill for a classroom environment, but it is still a good idea for students to learn how to use them, because this will stand them in good stead when they leave school or college and are exposed to these more complex suites in the workplace. Preparing students for the real world is, after all, what school is supposed to be about.

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