What is the Bridgit Whiteboard App?


The Bridgit whiteboard app is a part of the Bridgit suite of conferencing software that allows businesses and educational establishments to take advantage of high-tech collaboration features. The Bridgit whiteboard app allows lecturers to share their notes with an entire class using an interactive whiteboard, and allows teams to brainstorm and share ideas in real-time without being in the same room.

There are many different whiteboard suites out there, but the thing that sets Bridgit apart from the others is that it is so easy to use, and that it is compatible with more than one platform. Many browser-based whiteboards are intended for use only on desktop PCs and laptops. Brdigit’s SMART software is mobile-friendly, so you can install a client app on your iPad and use it to wirelessly communicate with other whiteboard users.

Imagine being able to have a guest lecturer from a university on the other side of the world offer a remote lecture, and having students ask questions and engage as if they were in the room with the lecturer. Imagine calling in a consultant from a remote office, and working with them as if they were sat right next to you. That’s what Bridgit’s whiteboard allows you to do.

Remote conferencing and collaboration tools are nothing new. What sets Bridgit apart from other rival software is that it is fast, polished and really does work in real time with minimal lag or confusion. You can bring up documents, open websites, make annotations and communicate quickly and easily. Groups of users in a classroom or boardroom can talk to groups of remote users, and conference members can share their screens with each other without needing to use complex remote control software or screen casting software to do it.

Bridgit requires a broadband internet connection, but it does not have to be particularly fast. The low-bandwidth streaming technology works on most modern connections. You may need a faster connection to take advantage of the video and audio capabilities, but real-time discussions and instant messaging are something that can be performed even on a relatively slow ADSL connection. The software supports integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac, including a mobile app for iPad users, so your technology team, design team and remote workers can all take advantage of the software and all of its key features.

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