What is the Promethean ActivEngage App


One of the biggest parts of any educational institution is a response based system. It could be a high school, or it could be an esteemed university. Either way, having the ability to gauge student responses immediately is critical, and it is an immense time saver. This is where the Promethean ActivEngage App comes into play.

Imagine having the ability to ask a question using your mobile device, i.e., a smartphone or tablet, and having that question appear across student screens in your classroom. Now imagine that each time one of them answered, you could view those answers on your mobile, and they would be saved to a database. What does this mean exactly? For one thing, it will move your lesson along faster. For another, it will serve to tell you which students need the most help. In the past the occasional paper quiz would be required, and the teacher would need to grade said papers before he or she could get a handle on where their students were in the curriculum. No longer.

With this software the teacher will be able to assess the students immediately. With this power, they can spend more time helping the students, and less time knee deep in quiz paperwork. Promethean ActivEngage App is a software package that can reach across and entire classroom or an entire campus, giving students multiple response types.

Students will be able to reply in full sentences, in numbers, symbols, equations, true/false and even more. This is a fully featured suite that allows students to respond in any way they want or need to. In addition to being versatile in the academic sense, Promethean ActivEngage App is versatile in the aspect of cross platform functionality. The software will work on Mac Windows, iOS, and even android simultaneously.

Being highly controllable and scalable, this is one piece of software that educators simply will not want to miss out on. Make sure you visit the website today and see how it can help you and your classroom. You might be pleasantly surprised ad the functionality, and you might find that your classroom is never the same again. Our world is becoming overrun with almost unnecessary technology, but this is one piece of tech that will make a difference by speeding up education significantly and helping to give students a head start for the real world.

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